Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Plan is still UKIP.

Dan Hannan thinks David Cameron has made a big breakthrough by backing some of the proposals in The Plan.
I think Cameron is an opportunist. In addition, he simply doesn't believe in leaving the EU, where the majority of the UK's laws are made.
Without that first groundbreaking move, no plan to radically change Britain can be put into action.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

How brilliant..

..would it have been if UKIP had made this pledge in 2004. The party really would have stood out as the anti-sleaze choice. The Mote and Wise scandals would have looked even more irrelevant.
Politicians are piling in to put their expenses online now (though are doing so to varying degrees). The party needs to do this comprhensively. It's only right if it wants to be able to talk about how corrupt Brussels is.
If UKIP wants to emphasis the water between it and the establishment, what better way?

Monday, 25 May 2009

Alan Johnson has got the right idea.

The people want a change.
I suspect if Labour get dismantled on June 4th by UKIP (among others) they could be looking for a new leader.
With today's radical proposal, Labour could certainly do worse than Alan Johnson. Whatever his politics, he certainly seems to understand the drastic change that is needed for our political system.
Some within Labour may be scared of a Proportional Representation-style system, and the safe seat fiefdoms it provides. Yet if they stick to First Past The Post, I believe they could be overtaken by the Liberal Democrats in the next decade.
If Labour keep going down the path they are currently on, they will be wiped out next year by the Tories. And I'm not sure that they would ever recover.
Labour supporters need to take Johnson's proposals very seriously. I doubt Gordon Brown will.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

The pro-EU argument.

Everytime there is a big UKIP success, the europhiles, especially in the Libderal Democrats and Labour, cry on about the need to make the "pro-European" argument.
We're in the middle of a European Election campaign. Neither party, nor the Tories, even dare run a campaign on the issue of the EU. A consensus of silence, if you will, from the three pro-EU parties.
UKIP's campaign is about nothing-but the EU issue. Quite telling, no?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Rank hypocrisy.

People are rightfully terrified of the BNP ever gaining any measure of power. A BNP regime would be authoritarian, restrictive and prejudicial.
How can it be then that Boris Johnson wants BNP London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook to "disinvite" BNP leader Nick Griffin to a Buckingham Palace garden party?
The BNP are scum. But let them attend the party to which they have a right to attend and ignore them.
Acting against the BNP in such a way gives them the oxygen of publicity and makes you a bit of a hypocrite.
Of course I don't want the Queen photographed with Nick Griffin. But if you think the Palace would actually let that happen, you're a moron.

Stuart Wheeler still supporting UKIP.

Stuart Wheeler, former Tory donor-turned UKIP and one of the few genuinely nice men in politics, has done the party a huge service by paying for a full page ad in today's Telegraph inviting people to visit his website to find out why he will be voting UKIP.
Wheeler was thrown out of the party he donated £5 million to when it was on its knees for putting country before party. Quite a contrast with some of the men and women that inhabit our Parliament.

Taking on the establishment.

The politicians have been exposed. The political system is tired. The people are angry.
So, inevitably, people are looking for a protest vote in a Euro Election which is already a massive marketplace for protest votes, as shown in 2004.
UKIP could and should be the biggest beneficary of such a situation. It is the biggest party outside of the three main ones and has a naturally anti-establishment/sleaze sentiment etched in it anyway, with its opposition to the European Union.
That makes UKIP the biggest target for the establishment. If anyone thinks UKIP are going to take politics by storm without a fight, they don't understand how Westminster works.
Lets see if UKIP can take it as well as dish it out. I suspect it can.

Outside the box.

I approve.


I don't see any.

And so it begins..

With a wimper. Sources tell me that there is much excitement inside UKIP HQ for an astonishing result on June 4th. Second place is looking very likely indeed. Some even dare talk of the party finishing in the mid-20% range come polling day.
This is entirely possible. Infact I think the party could - COULD - clean up next month and challenge the Tories for top spot. The people want change. In the General Election they will vote for a new government. In these European Elections, they will vote for new and different parties. The vital factor is that UKIP are chasing not just the eurosceptic Tory vote it has always attracted, but Old Labourites too.
One thing is for sure. If UKIP do very well, Labour are going to do very badly. I would expect them to lose representation entirely in certain regions of England. When Nigel Farage talks about UKIP bringing down Gordon Brown, he's not kidding.