Monday, 25 May 2009

Alan Johnson has got the right idea.

The people want a change.
I suspect if Labour get dismantled on June 4th by UKIP (among others) they could be looking for a new leader.
With today's radical proposal, Labour could certainly do worse than Alan Johnson. Whatever his politics, he certainly seems to understand the drastic change that is needed for our political system.
Some within Labour may be scared of a Proportional Representation-style system, and the safe seat fiefdoms it provides. Yet if they stick to First Past The Post, I believe they could be overtaken by the Liberal Democrats in the next decade.
If Labour keep going down the path they are currently on, they will be wiped out next year by the Tories. And I'm not sure that they would ever recover.
Labour supporters need to take Johnson's proposals very seriously. I doubt Gordon Brown will.

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