Saturday, 23 May 2009

And so it begins..

With a wimper. Sources tell me that there is much excitement inside UKIP HQ for an astonishing result on June 4th. Second place is looking very likely indeed. Some even dare talk of the party finishing in the mid-20% range come polling day.
This is entirely possible. Infact I think the party could - COULD - clean up next month and challenge the Tories for top spot. The people want change. In the General Election they will vote for a new government. In these European Elections, they will vote for new and different parties. The vital factor is that UKIP are chasing not just the eurosceptic Tory vote it has always attracted, but Old Labourites too.
One thing is for sure. If UKIP do very well, Labour are going to do very badly. I would expect them to lose representation entirely in certain regions of England. When Nigel Farage talks about UKIP bringing down Gordon Brown, he's not kidding.

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